The IGA is the ONLY glove association that is designed to meet the expanding and INTERDEPENDENT needs of all aspects of the glove industry!  We are working to enhance the working relationship between suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

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2017 Glove Symposium
Education will be the focus of 2016 and 2017.  As a group of manufacturers, material suppliers, and distributors, no one knows as much about gloves as we do collectively!  If you would like to participate in one of the following committees, please register below.

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Glove Symposium

Education Committees

MARCH 19-21, 2017
There are over 300,000 hand injuries every year. The average cost of these injuries is $740 million annually; and the indirect costs of a hand and wrist injury could be 20 times that. Unfortunately, these injuries can cost employees more than wages or time lost, but their ability to hold loved ones, swing a golf club, or even the ability and ease to dress in the morning. Protecting hands helps people live life to the fullest.

These costs are just one of the reasons are just one of the many reasons why companies large and small want partner with the International Glove Association.  The IGA is the only organization dedicated solely to hand and arm protection, striving to protect everyone who wears a pair of gloves. 

As an organization, the IGA has the expertise, experience, and understanding that can only be found in a cohesive group of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and end users. Every IGA member brings their own strengths and wisdom to the table. Whether developing educational materials, presenting during conferences, or weighing in on standards and test methods, this unified group strives to provide the answers and solutions employers need to keep their employees safe. 

As an IGA member, your company will increase your voice and influence within the industry.  All members have the opportunity to serve on various committees. All IGA members are encouraged to participate, to make a difference, and to help protect millions of people. 

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