Mission of the International Glove Association

Our mission is to further build an association that improves manufacturing and distribution of hand protection. Studying, clarifying, and recommending government action to help promote proper glove selection and use, and the interests of glove manufacturers and distributors, will help association members achieve success with customers and maintain a financially sound organization.

Goals of the International Glove Association
The goals of the IGA represent our singular focus on glove suppliers, glove manufacturers and glove distributors.

•Establish and implement industry-wide marketing and management programs

•Improve and upgrade employee skills and quality performance by conducting effective
 programs, seminars, and workshops

•Enhance the quality, diversity, and supply of hand protection products offered in the

•Expand domestic and global markets

•Promote the public health and safety benefits of hand protection •Communicate the responsible professionalism of each segment of the hand protection industry

•Update IGA members on industry events
About Us
The IGA has vision!  Our team represents every facet of the hand protection industry -- glove manufacturers, glove distributors, glove importers and exporters, glove manufacturers' representatives, and glove suppliers.
In September of 2001, glove industry leaders met in Atlanta, Georgia, to discuss the formation of a new, all inclusive organization. Members of the International Hand Protection Association (IHPA) and the National Industrial Glove Distributors Association (NIGDA) saw major benefits to be gained by combining the strengths of the two associations.  These meetings resulted in the founding of the IGA in January, 2003 

The IGA has a long and rich history, having roots that can be traced to 1902, when the first glove association was formed. Through the years this forward thinking group, has pioneered new marketing techniques, technological innovations, and promoted the safety, health, and economic benefits of hand protection. 

Our new IGA represents all elements of the hand protection industry -- manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, manufacturers' representatives, and suppliers to the hand protection industry. The combined strength of all elements of the hand protection industry are working to increase public awareness, expand markets, and enhance the profitability of IGA members.

The IGA also speaks for its membership on legislative and regulatory issues of common concern and works with other industry groups to accomplish appropriate and mutual objectives. 

As a collective voice for the industry, the IGA can accomplish what individual firms cannot.

The Voice of the Glove Industry

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History of the International Glove Association
There are many benefits to joining the IGA.  Our membership scope is international.  We pride ourselves on keeping our members informed with our industry updates.  As an IGA member you have full voting rights on issues that impact the glove industry... and you'll have the opportunity to stay informed through our conferences and educational programs.